Urban Exploration
Saving The Memories of Yesterday for Tomorrow

One thing I enjoy is exploring old abandoned properties and preserving their memory on film. It all started for me when I was visiting my old hometown in Upstate New York and found my old house had been abandoned for the past few years. I explored my old home and while that exploration was mostly to see my old home, I was fascinated by the idea of visiting other abandoned homes. Now and then whenever I get a chance I bring my camera and take pictures/video of old houses. I do not usually get to do this often (due to lack of transportation) but it's always fun when I do get a chance. Click the links to the right to see some of the places I've explored.  For privacy reasons and to keep the locations unknown to vandals or people who would harm these places I am choosing not to disclose the locations of these properties. The purpose of my explorations is to preserve memories, not to trespass or upset anyone. I am extra careful during my explorations to respect the properties I am exploring and leave them as I found them.

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